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What is Semi-Permanent Eyebrow?

This procedure is carried out to reduce the length of time taken to draw brows on daily basis. The result of this procedure will last up to two-three (2 -3) years depending on the style done.

Who Is It For? It is suitable for all skin types except some styles that are more suitable for dry/combination skins than oily skin.

Microblading: #60,000

These are hair-like strokes drawn manually with a Microblading pen and a microblade. It is for making brow hair look full. These appear like natural hairs and don’t have the make-up look to them. The style is suitable for dry skins; as it doesn’t last long on oily skin individuals.

Price: #60,000

Combination (Combo)/Hybrid: #90,000

The process involves the combination of Microblading with intense shading around the arch and the tail of the brow and a pronounced Microblading at the bulb/beginning of the brow. This style lasts up to two-three (2 – 3) years with a touch-up.

Price: #90,000

Ombre Brows: #80,000

Ombré brows gives the illusion of eye-pencil shading on the brows with a fade-off effect at the bulb of the brow. The procedure lasts up to two-three (2 – 3) years on the client with touch up and it’s suitable for oily, dry, and combination skins.

Price: #80,000

Classic Eyelash Extensions: #15,000

These are the most traditional form of eyelash extensions. They’re a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash. This means you can only apply as many extensions as you have natural lashes.

Price: #15,000

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: #17,000

This style is a balance of ‘not too full and not too scanty’ lash sets. This style is suitable for clients who like it a bit full but not dramatic.

Price: #17,000

Eyelash Extensions Refill : Price varies - Click to view

You can refill any style of your eyelash after few weeks for the following rates:

Classic Eyelash refill #8,000

Hybrid Eyelash refill #10,000

Volume Eyelash refill #12,000

Mega-Volume Eyelash refill #12,000

Volume Eyelash Extensions: #20,000

These are glamorous styles that require 4 to 6 strands of soft lashes fanned out and applied on a single natural lash. These soft lashes will not overweight the lashes as they are specifically designed to be light and fluffy.

Price: #20,000

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions: #25,000

This style is a more glamourous style than the volume lash and has the strip lash fullness look to it. Soft lashes are used for this style as well but picked between 7 to 10 strands and fanned out for each natural lash.

Price: #25,000

Brow Grooming: #1,000

This involves shaping your eyebrow with a trimming blade to get a desired perfect brow shape.

Price: #1,000